Saturday, October 29, 2005


Another day, another Halloween party. Tonight, we decided to go as the Spiderman family. (To clarify, think in terms of nice Jewish last names, like Goldman, Silverman, ... Spiderman). H and I both wore Spiderman t-shirts and J wore his Spiderman jammies and his Elmer Fudd hat. We were "Phil, Gina and Elmer Spiderman". We had no shoes that went with J's Spiderman jammies, but this was remedied by H, who suggested J's duckie sleeper should go under the Spiderman jammies so J would have "webbed feet". It was a lovely pun, and a good time was had at the party.

Until J decided it was time to go home, that is. He got mad and started to cry, and we had to leave. But that was probably okay; I still have studying to do, and my nephew's birthday party is tomorrow, so I have to buckle down into the wee small hours tonight. Busy these days.

J drank out of a sippy cup for the first time today. We offered him some water from his sippy cup when he was having his dinner. He seemed to quite enjoy that. He did quite well with it. I was most impressed.

I was pretty unimpressed that we had to miss J's swimming lesson this morning, though. We tried to get there, but were stopped by a train. Literally. The thing took 20 minutes to clear the tracks, and by that time, we were going to be really late for swimming. It just didn't seem worth it to go and get ourselves and J ready so that we could hang in the pool for maybe 10 minutes, so we decided we'd best just forego it. I was disappointed; I love watching J play in the pool. But it was a wise choice, given the circumstances. C'est la vie.

Tonsils are infected yet again. This time, it's the right side that's all swollen up and painful. I wish they would just take them out already.

But they won't.

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