Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Less than 30

Less than 30 thank-you cards to go now. I hope to be done soon, but somehow, I doubt this will happen. I do procrastinate horribly. But also, and more to the point, I am just terribly busy these days. I try.

Less than 30 days since my friends lost their little boy. I have not been able to speak with them yet; I don't know what to say. I have finally gotten a sympathy card in the mail to them. It was hard enough to get up the strength to write that, but I know it is important. I should have mustered my strength earlier, I know. It's late. I couldn't wait any longer, or it would have been really inappropriate. Hard to think about it, though. Still very sad.

Less than 30 minutes until H is home from work. That will be good.

J has been sleepy today. His teeth are really bugging him, and he hasn't slept well for a few days now. Seems it has finally caught up with him. I hope he sleeps well tonight also.

I got a bit of studying done while J slept today, but not too much. I just couldn't concentrate well. Ear infection and really tired; makes it hard to focus. I do what I can.

I have to get into the office this week. I went on Friday for a bit of a visit, but the partners were all away at a meeting, so I didn't get to see all the people I need to see. I'll try going tomorrow, after new moms network, if J will cooperate.

Tomorrow is the last new moms network meeting. I will miss it. I hope arrangements will be made for us to continue on. It has been really helpful.

Enough blogging now. Other things to attend to. Back to work I go.

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