Sunday, October 16, 2005

Barley the Dinosaur

Breakfast is far more fun when H is at home to participate.

Today, J tried barley cereal. He wasn't too keen on it. H sat across from J and ate a bowl of Cheerios again. (He also made J laugh and, while the mouth was open, I tried putting the spoon in so J would get more. J didn't like that. We won't try it again.) J didn't even want to feed himself this morning. But we did get about half the bowl into him anwyay.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, H started telling J all about "Barley and Friends". Stories are entertaining for H and I, even if they do nothing to convince J to eat his cereal.

H: Then Barley the Dinosaur said "I've had enough!" so he left to become a Monk in Siberia.

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theatre_mommy said...

I LOVE H's brain! He should consider doing improv.