Monday, October 17, 2005


I finally got 100% on a quiz! Yippee!! Hooray!!! Woohoo!!!! (I am such a geek.)

So, 3 of 5 quizzes complete, and I've only lost 2% of my final grade so far. I have listened to the audio lectures for Module 1, so now I have to complete the audio lectures for the remainder of the modules. (There are a total of 10 modules, and each has a total of 3 hours of audio lectures; I'm just completing Module 6 now, so I have a fair bit of catching up to do there. And the more I listen to the lectures, the more my instructor sounds like Grover; I kid you not.) I also have to run the "Interactive Demonstrations" for Modules 1 and 3, and work the self-test problems for each module.

But, while I work towards all of that, I must also complete Modules 7 & 8 in the next 2 weeks. My next quiz is due in just over 2 weeks' time. Then one more quiz after that on Modules 9 & 10, 2 weeks after that. And then I'm into full throttle exam review to prepare for the FINAL EXAM on November 30. Eek!

I don't quite recall how I managed to keep up with the first course I took. Oh, right! I didn't have a child then! I'd forgotten.

On the subject of said child, he seems to like his barley cereal a bit better than he enjoyed the rice. He ate more of it this morning. He let me get some sleep last night, which was very nice. But he is quite insistent that it is now playtime. I hope he will go down for a nap in a bit. I need to wash his diapers, do some dishes, dust, clean the ensuite, study ... I don't think I'll get through my list today, but I aim to try.


MeMaw said...

Yea! Yippee! Yahoo! Good for you!

va1kyrie said...

As Izzy would say, "Yippee! Yippah! Yippee! Yippah!"

theatre_mommy said...

A agrees with J. Barley is much tastier than rice! So are wheat, oatmeal & mixed. We're almost out of the other 4 but still seem to have a pretty full box of rice cereal. It all gets yummier from here...