Friday, October 28, 2005


An inflammation of the joints in the ribcage, right around the breastbone area. Avoid activities such as lifting, which may aggravate the condition, and take a medication such as Advil 4 times a day to help with pain and act as an anti-inflammatory.

And that is what I have. (Hurts!)


Memaw said...

I had that last winter. Was sent to hospital .... thought I was having a heart attack. Was told this is a form of arthritis - after I had to stay all night in ER because of short staffing and weekend in intensive care (private room). And the dye in the heart arteries (can't remember what it's called). I call it costlychontritis....luckily our insurance paid for all except the ambulace ride to hospital.

Trish said...

Yes, it's delightful, isn't it? At least I didn't head into the ER, though it was close there for a bit. H was sure nervous about the pain and thought it was a heart issue, but I suspected it was just some joint thing.

The doc said it should clear up in a few weeks, if I take care not to overdo. I have a hard time with that, though.

Dottie P. said...

Okay, I have been studying too long today already, because I can no longer see straight. I thought the heading said "COSTCOchondritis", and I thought you had pulled something by lifting heavy things from Costco. And then I thought, "there's actually a name for that? Makes sense."

I hope you feel better soon, no matter what you have. :)

Trish said...

That is funny! What's especially funny is that, as I was typing out the heading, I had essentially the same thought. "Costcochondritis": an overdose of all things Costco related.