Friday, June 30, 2006

A mood is

A mood is sometimes just there.
For no reason.
Sometimes random, without warning.
A change in the weather.
And you feel it.

You fight it.
You run, but it chases you.
Overpowering you.
It insists that it stay.
Takes hold.

The mood is nonsensical.
Tension release.
Extreme joy.
Sudden crash.
And the mood has its way.


No more mood. Chocolate now. Chocolate good.

City Hall

We took J to City Hall for some fun in the fountain.

He was unimpressed. The water was cold.

J had a doctor's appointment today. He weighs 21 pounds now! We can turn the carseat around to forward facing at long last. I think he'll like that.

The doctor is worried about J's poor eating. J is being referred to a specialist who will work with us to see why J has such a sensitive gag reflex. I hope they can help him. I wish he ate better.

Tonight, I started putting away more clothes that don't fit J. It made me sad. He's still such a sweet little guy, but he's getting so big. I can't believe some of this stuff used to fit him. I'm prolonging clearing out all the too small clothes, because once I do that there will be room in J's room for the crib, and I'll have to move him out of our room. I know it's time; I just don't want to.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

For love of a child

J cries. I work to console him. I work hard. I do odd things to entertain my child.

It is hot. It is sunny. I wonder if this is what troubles J. I put J's hat on. J rips the hat off and tosses it away. And he cries. I put his sunglasses on. J pulls them off. I try again. J pulls them off. And he cries. I give J his little toy froggie with the great big eyes. J tosses Froggie away. And he cries.

J cries.

I am desperate now. I put J's sunglasses on Froggie. J looks confused. Then, holding up Froggie, I make him dance about for J's pleasure. To "I Gotta Wear Shades". Sung by me. A cappella. And J giggles. He reaches for Froggie. He holds Froggie's little arms, and they dance together to the music. And J doesn't care that Mommy doesn't know all the words or that she's (probably) slightly off key. He is happy. I am happy.

But H is sad, because he was on a run to the store, and he missed the dancing.


We go to Dairy Queen. Hot fudge sundaes are particularly yummy on hot days. We get a small sundae for J, and we take it home to feed him. We will eat our sundaes in the car on the drive home.

But J is tired of being in the car, and he wants some cuddles. Right now. He cries. He screams. And Mommy reaches back to offer some comfort. J grabs Mommy's hand and holds it tight. He cries if Mommy takes her hand away. Even for a second. Even just to spoon a mouthful of ice cream into her mouth. And so H feeds me the remainder of my hot fudge sundae at all of the various red lights that we hit on the drive home.

And I say, rather sarcastically: "I wonder if we're spoiling him".

I also wonder how he can possibly gag on soft-serve vanilla ice cream, but there you have it.


J got his very first haircut today. He wasn't terribly pleased about it. But he really enjoyed sitting in the little yellow car.

And he had fun riding the dinosaur with Daddy.

He pulled away every time the scissors came near his head. And he was most displeased with the clippers going by his ears. But at the end of the day, his hair was properly cut. It is nice and short, and very boyish indeed. He looks so cute!




And After:

(Yes, he was incredibly irritated by the end. And nothing could console him; not even the proverbial pony, though I understand he really wants one, but ...)

We received a "My First Haircut" certificate, and a lock of J's precious baby hair to keep. (Must put in scrapbook.) I am happy, because they spelt J's name right on his certificate. His swimming certificate is wrong, but I never found time to go back to the pool and ask them to fix it.

And that's the life of the busy Mom-Employee-Student. They really need a single word for that title; it's too long. But "Molodent" sounds a bit too much like "Polident". I dunno.


It is hot. Work was long. I think I ask too many questions. I don't like it. I wish I were quicker.

And I become incoherent when tired. Apparently.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bad dreams

Last night, I had terrible dreams. Two of my most cherished friends drowned, leaving wives and children behind. I have just gotten up, and I'm still upset about that dream. I hope to put my bad dreams out of my mind and have a good day. It's tough to function properly when your day starts out on the wrong foot.

But they are only dreams.

They are only dreams.

Only dreams.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I had no idea protective gear would be required

Okay. There is a disclaimer on my Elton John tickets, which reads as follows:

Last I heard, Elton John just leaves concerts when he's irritated. He doesn't ordinarily throw badminton racquets, does he?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Failed Ad Campaigns - #6

Crayola's Flavored Crayons!

Slogan reads:

"Well, if they're going to eat them anyway ..."

The colour of money

It's green. I think. Isn't it?

The problem with money is that it is easily spent. The good thing about being back at work is that we have some extra cash. But it really gets eaten up easily. We're not the best with budgeting. And sometimes, we go overboard.

We went to Sears and got some pictures done of H and J for Father's Day. That was H's Father's Day gift, and frivolous as it may be, it was well worth it. (The pictures are really cute!) Then we needed to get our eyes checked (it's been quite awhile), and we both needed new glasses. Lenses are very expensive, and we got soaked on them. And while the benefits package will cover some, it doesn't cover all. So that just stunk. But it was necessary; eyesight is important.

Of course, my course registration is coming up. It should cost around $3,000 to register for my courses for the coming year. That's a pretty hefty price, but we know that education isn't cheap. We knew that going in. We'll be okay.

Today, I made a frivolous purchase. I bought tickets to the Elton John concert in September. Yes, I actually managed to get a pair of tickets. And it was difficult, believe me. They're pretty bad seats, up as high as one can get. But they're not behind the stage, so that's okay. And really, it's more about the music than the sight lines. The good news is that they were much cheaper than the really good seats that I would have loved to get.

So what I'm saying is this: after benefits reimbursements, we're paying something in the range of $4,000 in the next little while. Granted, most of that is school related. But still!!

I am perfectly aware of the solution to the problem. "Stop spending money". Yes. Yes, I know. But the novelty of having cash again hasn't quite worn off. And I do love it so!

But we will be belt-tightening. We've paid off one debt, but have a second one to contend with. And we really should be saving more. And we have stuff to do with our house. Garage. Basement. Stuff. So basically, we'll continue to spend money rampantly while we have it; we'll just try to spend it on good stuff. Home improvements. Debt repayment. Stuff like that.

Wiser than Elton John tickets? Definitely. More fun? Ummmm ...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Baby poetry

I am Baby
Hear me roar.
I walk through the
Open door.

'Cause I can!
So take that,

Friday, June 23, 2006

School thoughts

The schedule is out. Enrolment starts July 11. Courses are being offered. Fine order this time around. I assume I passed MS1. If not, all bets are off, and this whole thing will change.

Fall, there is only one that I can take: FA3. They've changed the requirements; I'll have a midterm assignment. Ugh! I only hope it wasn't as bad as the assignment for MS1.

Winter, there are a few courses that I need. And if I can persuade the Association to assume that I've passed FA3 without first verifying my grade, I will be tempted to take TX1. It's a Level 4 course, and apparently it's absolutely brutal. But taking it would enable me to try for that Award of Excellence that I'd like to get. Besides, I'm doing a lot of tax stuff at work, and knowing more about it would certainly be helpful. Especially since I could get through it before next tax season. Wouldn't that be helpful?

In spring, I'd like to take QU1. Then I'll be through all of the Level 2 courses. Woot!

And in summer, they are finally starting to offer foundation level courses! Since EM1 is being offered in summer, I was thinking it might be good to take it then, and finally finish off my Level 1.

Doing it that way, I'll be through the brutal TX1 course (my first Level 4 course), and I'll only have one more course + a business case to finish up Levels 1-3.

Alternatively, I could go for a nice easy year (comparatively). FA3, EM1, QU1, BC1 (again, assuming the Association will operate under the assumption that I've passed QU1 and EM1 without verifying my grades). Less stress. Less work. Only one course away from finishing up Levels 1-3. But sadly, no qualification for the Award of Excellence, and no learning about tax.

And if the Association will not operate under an assumption of a passing grade and won't let me register in courses without grade verification, then my options are more limited and will probably be FA3, QU1, EM1, and MA2. Again, that's one Level 4 course, and it puts me one course + a business case away from finishing Levels 1-3. But the Level 4 course falls too late in the year to qualify me for the Award of Excellence, and it's in summer, when I'd prefer to not be doing weekly assignments. Ugh!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I'll check with the Association to see if they'll be willing to assume I passed and allow me to register for courses without confirmation of passing grades in the prerequisites. If not, I'll consider whether I feel like taking a course next summer. Maybe I'll just take that summer off too. Seems a shame, though. It's taking me long enough to do this program; I hate putting stuff off.


On a different note, today was a much better day. I did nothing to mess up the computer, and my car is fixed. I had lots of work to keep me busy, and the baby was in good spirits tonight and went to bed early, after some good play time. I have a chiropractic appointment. I am happy. I am at peace.

I am ... asleep.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The "Kill Your Computer?" button should be grayed out!!

I have had a day even I can't believe!

Entry-level work in short supply today. Office is hopping, but it's mostly senior level work just now, and I can't do that yet. And so I was on the prowl. Need help? Yeah. It was mostly an admin-y type of day. At one point, I was making cold calls. Not a lot of fun, but I'll take it.

Crick in neck. Pain in back. Arms going numb. Ow.

Nearing end of day. Get some work. Pretty basic stuff. Sit down to do first thing on list. Has already been done. Oops. Not a big deal. On to the next one.

Simple. Start project. Get through the hardest part of it. Hit save. Error message. Save again? Error message. Desperately try to save. Error messages. Save to a different directory? Error message. Save to a different drive? And ... Error message. One last try to original location. Finally saves. To ... all ... three ... locations.

No big deal, right? Delete files in alternate locations and keep good location. Good, right? Not so much. Try to open file in its program, and the program directory still shows three copies of same file in three different locations. Try to open the deleted versions, and receive the inevitable error message; file cannot be found. Proper location still works. Why are deleted files still showing up in my directory?? And how can I fix it???

Select a deleted file. Click on "Index" button. Choose "Clear". This should work; I want the deleted file cleared from the index. Popup. Am I sure? Yes. Yes, I'm sure. New popup appears that seems to be counting down as though a bomb is about to explode. Quickly hit "Cancel", but it's too late. Entire database index is deleted. All files. Ever. Rush to a different computer. Is the index there? Index is on the network, and has now been deleted from all computers in the office. Head explodes.

People have left for the day. No one in IT to call. Who can help me? Look at phone list.

And at this moment, H phones me. I get curt; must get off the phone and get some help. Have single-handedly destroyed several years of documentation, and must get it back now. Right now. People need it. Right now. Go away.

Find someone who can help. Thank God! Restore index. Restore takes a good 45 minutes. And computer can't multitask while restore application is running. Whatever. Sit there and stare at screen. Pray this works. Phone H back and apologize for being curt. H doesn't answer the phone. Apologize to machine.

Restore is still happening. Finally talk to H. H was on the phone. H's mom has lost her keys, and needs some help tonight. We must go over. Absolutely.

Owner afraid, 'cause computer not working. Explain situation. Owner stares at me in complete disbelief, and I say something like "In my defence, that button should be grayed out!" Owner agrees. Mental notes are made to speak with IT about making that happen.

Restore finally done. Leave and drive home. Arrive at home. Change clothes. Go to Mom's. Look for keys. There are no keys. Well, there are, but we absolutely can't find them. No idea where they may be. Take Mom down for evening entertainment - jam session and singalong tonight. H and J stay to hang out with Mom, and I go to get a new key cut. Home Depot. They will cut keys. The super has said so. ("You can do it, we can help". Not so much.)

Wander around Home Depot. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. Right. Wander through tools. See no one. Next aisle. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. But there's no one there. Page put out. Young girl arrives. Looks nervous. She might be able to cut the key; she's not sure. Goes through all of the keys in the aisle. Moves to a different aisle. Goes through the rest of the keys. Runs off, and grabs two additional people. The group looks through all of the keys, and then delivers the following astounding line: "This is a Rona key. We don't have these. All our keys are too long, so they won't work. You'll have to go to Rona. Or maybe ... WALMART!!!"

Gnash teeth. Go to Rona.

Wander around Rona. Where can I get a key cut? Tools. Right. No one there. Page put out. Guy in tools gets waylaid by woman who wants to know everything about every single doorknob they carry. Eventually comes and cuts key. Woman actually buys doorknob. Amazing.

Go to pay. Cashiers are swamped. Everyone else is buying out the store, and I have a little $1.50 key in a bag. I give up. Go to customer service. Will somebody please take my money? Done and done.

Back to car. Back to Mom's. It's been over an hour. J is hungry and screaming. H is getting there himself. J is excited to see me. Sliding door moves to let me in, and J puts his hand on the glass in its path. I freak, watching J's hand get squished by the door. Pull his hand free. He is okay, but I may have broken the door. I don't care. All is good.

Go try new key. It doesn't work. New expletives are created.

Leave. Get food. Will deal with faulty key tomorrow. Whatever.

Return home. Look at second car, the one I drive to work these days. Pool of green liquid has formed under car. Shake head despondently, and enter house. (Stupid tri-colored AM lovin' piece of ...)

House smells of cat urine. Cat has been peeing on carpet again. J needs new diaper, bath, food. Cat box needs cleaning. All done. Pee cleaned up. Great cleaner found, gets rid of smell. Great. Good. Cuddle J. Sleep, J. J sleeps. Good.

Cat sits on remote control and turns TV up to around 180,000,000,000 decibels. Fantastic. J sleeps through it. Score!

Life is good. Today, not so much. Tomorrow will be better. I can feel it.

Now, if I can just get to work tomorrow ... (Obviously, the car is not an option.)

Need bath, cry, chocolate, bed ... not necessarily in that order.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Working one-liners

I am loving my job! The work is good, and the people are a lot of fun. Even tonight, when I was at the office for 2 hours after we closed, I didn't mind. The work needed to be done, and I was nice and productive. Life is good.

Many good conversations can be had. Some work related, and some not so much. But I have learned that people at work will say some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, they just don't realize how it sounds. Other times, the first thing that comes to mind is just too good to pass up.

We have a few favorite snippets from our week so far, that we thought we'd share. Enjoy!

*From T's coworkers*

"What's the S.T.D. bin?"
(Note to self: There should be a better abbreviation for the printer's standard paper bin.)

"I need to go show E my chest."
(By way of explanation, this girl had apparently spilt something on her shirt earlier that day, and she wanted to show her friend that the stain was gone.)

*H with his coworkers*

H's coworker: She's probably just lying on the couch with a big pitcher of martinis. But we all do that, don't we?

H: I don't. I have a toddler. I put the martinis in his sippy cup so he'll sleep.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Communication Breakdown

H translates for J:

H: I'm terribly upset.
H: It's too late to fix it.
H: Nothing you do will console me.
H: Not even buying me a pony.
H: Although I'd like one.
H: Right now.
H: We'd better be going to get that pony!


On the communication front, J is starting to learn a few more words. He can say "up", "up above" (which he says whenever he wants us to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for him), "Mama", "Daddy", "Baby", and "book" (which sounds more like "boowee"). He does get these terms confused, though, and will sometimes point at his book and say "Baby", and such things.

One of J's new tricks is very endearing. He'll be doing something naughty, and we'll say "No, no". And J will look at us, all perplexed, and say "I Baby!"


J's fine motor skills are developing well. Saturday night, he was sitting in his highchair, putting Cheerios into his cupholder. Sunday morning, he took the Cheerios out of the cupholder. He's also learning about shapes and things that fit. He figured out that his little soccer ball also fits perfectly into his highchair cupholder. This gave him great delight, and much fun was had putting it into the cupholder and taking it back out.

He's really good at the walking thing now. In fact, he can almost run! It's hard to keep up with the little guy these days.

I think he's working on more teeth. He hasn't been his usual happy self lately. He's been crying a lot more, and has been hard to console.


Still not too much into solid foods, but he's improving a bit. He likes hotdogs. *shrug* Whatever he'll eat is fine with us. We bought the all-beef hotdogs and have been feeding him those, along with cheese and bread. Yesterday, he tried a piece of dill pickle, and he didn't seem to mind it. But he objected strongly to the thought of watermelon, which he used to like. And he hates Kraft Dinner.

I hope we will be able to convince him to eat properly soon. I'm nervous about how far behind he seems to be in this particular area. I see children J's junior who will feed themselves cut up fruit and cheese and such things, but J just won't self-feed and has such a strong gag reflex that it's hard to find things he'll eat at all.

(Please eat, J!)


Last week was fairly active for us. H and I went to see H's brother and sister-in-law in their play on Thursday evening. It was a good show, with wonderful singing and dancing. It was a bit longer than we had anticipated, and we were glad that L&P didn't mind watching J for us even still. It's wonderful to have good friends in your corner. They coped with J's crying fits, even though they had their own issues going on that evening. (I hope your foundation is okay!)

Yesterday, we took J to the zoo with some friends for Father's Day. J really enjoyed the camels and the elephants, and he liked the big "Humpty Dumpty" at the entranceway. (I'll post some pictures soon.) But it was a really active day, and J was overly tired by the end of it and was far too grumpy to sleep. He stayed up really late last night, and I'm exhausted now.

Must go get ready for work now. Have a lovely day, all!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Things I took for granted before parenthood

Going out for a nice, quiet dinner.

Instead, try this on for size:

H takes J out to car. Meanwhile, I load up diaper bag; make sure there is a change of clothes in diaper bag, just in case. Then grab supplies - baby spoon, Cheerios, rice pudding, sippy of milk, toys ... never hurts to be prepared. Check. Head out to car.

Arrive at restaurant. Two and a highchair please. Do we want crayons? No; he eats them. Children's menu? Yes, please and thank you.

Sit down. Strap J into highchair. Look at menus. J throws his at the next table. People laugh, and wave happily at J. Thankfully they like children, 'cause it only gets worse from there.

Waitress comes to take our order. Place order. J will have the "Bugs 'n' Cheese". Does he need a drink? No thank you (as I proudly point to his sippy of milk that I remembered to bring - he always spills those kiddie cups at restaurants and makes a mess). Can he keep his menu to play with? Sure!

J sees me point at his milk. Reaches for milk. Can't quite reach it. Shrieks. Give J his milk. He drinks. Throws cup on the floor, still quite full. But it's a sippy, so that's okay; the milk stays in it. Pick up cup, put back on table. J throws menu at next table again. They laugh. J starts up a conversation with them. "Aiee aiee oooo", says J. Loudly. Nice people wave at J. He waves back.

Waitress brings food. Take out little spoon. It's sticky. Ick! Go clean spoon while H entertains J.

Pasta too hot. Stir so it will cool down. Meanwhile, J reaches for his pasta, and pitches a fit.

Pasta cooled down now. Scoop little mouthfuls into J's mouth. J is appreciative, and gobbles up his pasta. At first. But after 4 or 5 little mouthfuls, J decides he'd rather have his milk. Grabs cup. Takes a couple of sips. Throws cup on floor forcefully. H retrieves cup. Hands cup back to J. J lifts cup up, and the lid comes off. SPLOOSH! A very wet J drips on the floor, while milk pools in the seat of his highchair. Nice people at next table hand me a napkin.


H takes J to bathroom to change his clothes, and I take the opportunity to wolf down my food in their absence. There may be no other opportunity. Waitress stops by. I apologize for the mess. Ask her to refill J's sippy with chocolate milk. He may like it better. She's happy to oblige.

H returns. Straps J back into highchair. Sits down to finish his meal. More pasta, J? No. J drags his hands through the pasta, then rubs alfredo sauce into his hair and eyes, and onto his clean pants. Milk? J throws cup on floor. More pasta? NO!!!! Milk? Takes two sips, and tosses cup at next table. Screams.

Fine. Cheerios!

J eats a few Cheerios, and then, much to my dismay, begins to pelt them at next table and wait staff. Flinging Cheerios madly, he screams like a Velociraptor.

Put Cheerios away. J is upset. Wants his milk. Tries to pour it over his clean clothes. Milk goes away.

Pay bill. Tip well. Apologize to wait staff again. Take J to car. J screams and, once strapped in, pours chocolate milk into his carseat. Set jaw. Drive home. Put J to bed. J will not sleep. H needs to pill cat, so he brings me J as I sit at computer typing lengthy blog entry. J throws toys at computer until it restarts and I have to retype this post.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My water baby

Yesterday, J had pancakes with maple syrup at breakfast. He thought they were yummy. We were pleased.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to L&P's place for a barbecue. J ate his usual Minigo type fare, but also enjoyed a Digestive biscuit. He stunned me when, while chewing on my locket, he managed to undo the chain and pull the entire loose locket into his mouth. Fortunately, I noticed before he tried to swallow it, and I fished it out. The picture inside is ruined, but it was outdated anyway. Time for a new photo.

Today, J had toast with crabapple jelly for breakfast. We went to church this morning, and really enjoyed it. I think we will go back to that church; it seems like a good place.

This afternoon, H and I took J to a barbecue that my new moms network had arranged. It was good to see everyone again; I haven't seen them since I went back to work. J enjoyed a bun, some ground beef, and some processed cheese. He was doing well, until he shoved too much bun into his mouth at one time; then he gagged and threw up. But he kept eating his ground beef and cheese afterwards. More table foods - always good. I hope we'll soon be able to get J off the baby food completely.


J loves bath time. He really loves bath time.

After returning home from the barbecue this afternoon, we concluded that J should have a bath. (He wasn't smelling like his usual April fresh self, after having thrown up.) So we decided to bathe him.

I held the still fully-clothed J in my arms, and started to run his bath. Temperature seemed good. I stopped the drain, and added some bubbles. Squirmy J tried to climb down into the tub while still fully clothed. I held him tightly, refusing to allow J to get his little Robeez soaked in the tub. He screamed, demanding his bath right that minute. Resolutely, I marched him into his bedroom, laid him out on the changetable, and got him undressed and ready for his bath. He screamed the whole time.

I carried the now bath ready J back into the bathroom, and stood him by the tub while I checked the water temperature. J was still unimpressed that he was not in the water. The water was too hot. I ran some cold water, to cool the water off a bit. J waited impatiently, and then peed on the bathmat to express his displeasure.

Finally, the bath was ready. I put J in his tub ring, and gave him his bath. He played with all his tub toys, and laughed and laughed. And the J saw that it was bath time, and it was good.

After the bath, I wrapped J in his towel, and dried him off. And then I gave him his baby lotion massage. Today, this made him giggle. A lot. He usually doesn't giggle so much. It must have tickled for some reason.


Tonight, I lay close to J and tried to convince him that it was bed time. J insisted that it was not. He drank his milk, sucked on his soother, stood up, sat down, laid down, crawled around, and generally played instead of relaxing as I wanted him to. I talked to my mother on the phone while waiting for J to settle down. We discussed the words that J is learning. He can say "Mama", "Daddy", "Up", and "Baby". As I said each word into the phone, J repeated the word. He continued this until I hung up the phone. But once I hung up, J refused to speak to me any further! I assume he was just showing off for Grandma.


Life is good. I enjoy my life. It's a most pleasant feeling to sit back and contemplate your life as it is now, and your life as you'd like it to be, and then to realize that the two are not so far apart after all.

I love my life. I want what I have. I just want more of it. All things I'll have in time. And that's pretty cool.

I feel grateful. Grateful to my friends. Grateful to my family. Grateful to my God. The world is a beautiful place, and it makes me happy.

Life is good.

Friday, June 09, 2006

On the exam

The exam was a tough one. Harder than I'd expected. I have absolutely no idea how I did. I know that I wrote my little heart out. I had to get a second examination booklet in order to finish. I know that I got some of the multiple choice wrong. But other than that ... I just don't know. Depending on who marks it, I may do very well, or I may do very poorly.

Two months of waiting, waiting, waiting to find out. Did I pass? Do I have to retake this devil of a course?

I sure do hope I pass.

On a related note, I should mention that I got high grade across the province for the last course I took. That's three of those nice "you're so smart" letters in my portfolio now. Happy me!

Summer off of school! No other 4 little words could possibly bring me such delight.

J sleeps. So shall I. Will try to post more that is J related tomorrow. Will see how that goes.

'Night all!

Conversations of the Car

T: I want an office with a window.

H: My office has a window. It overlooks the coat closet.


And for your entertainment, might I present the insult of the day:

You are an uncoordinated Weeble.

"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down". Of course, if you fall down, you're just useless. Y'know?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Things I love

I love it when the mailman delivers my mail to my address. Y'know, instead of confusing us with that other guy down the street, like he so often does.

I love when there are no bills in my mail. It's an infrequent occurrence, and it makes me very happy.

I love that my exam will be over tonight. Yippee!

I love my friends and family. They're very supportive. I'm glad I have them.

I love my work environment. They're very cool over there.

I love those few precious moments when I have time to myself and can update my blog. But I also love the many interruptions and distractions that the J provides. He's such a precious little sweetheart.

Today, I'm in love with life and everything in it. It's going to be a good day. Busy, but good. I can sense it.

Of course, we'll see how I feel about that after my exam tonight ... but hopefully, I'll still be in good spirits.

I love knowing that it's going to be a good day.

Friday, June 02, 2006

No time for a sidebar overhaul

I know the "new this week" section has been the same for ... what ... a month now? But you'll just have to bear with me. I'm studying for an exam, and I just don't have a lot of time on my hands. My exam is over at the end of next week; I'll update it after that. So soon, there will be new pictures.

Hopefully folks won't be too disappointed by seeing the same old photos until then.

And now, I must get ready for work. I'll try to come up with something more interesting to write when I have a moment.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just a 53%

That is all I need on the final exam. Just a 53%. With my quiz and midterm marks, a 53% will get me a passing grade, and I will never have to see this course again.

75% would get me the coveted 80% that I was hoping to get in all of my courses.

But I'm something of a realist. Sometimes. And I'm shooting for the 53% on this one. I'm back at work, with a child, and I've been sick and haven't had time to devote my all to studying for the exam. As long as I pass, I care about nothing else.

53%. Please let me get it.


Still sick. Pukin' sick. Went back to work today, though. But it's icky. I hope this flu leaves soon. I can't cope.


J walks a lot now. He's not so good with talking yet, and really just makes jibberish sounds. But he does enjoy the sound "Uh oh", and he says that frequently. He's also still not so good with eating, and will still only eat finely pureed foods - or else he gags and vomits. But he can really walk. He seems to enjoy it. He laughs and laughs! Today, he walked from the kitchen to the front door to see me when I came home. Then he turned around and walked back to the kitchen to visit with H some more. He didn't even fall down once!


Feverish. Sweating. Bed now. 'Night.