Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Moms Network, et al

Last NMN session today. It was cold out this morning, and I had to scrape the windows. I decided J should go into his snowsuit for the first time, because I wanted to make sure he stayed nice and warm for the trip out.

J looks like a little starfish in his snowsuit. It was very precious! I didn't manage to get a picture of him in it, but I will next time.

Went to new moms network. J usually naps a bit there, but today, he decided he would be active. Today's speaker was from the library. She talked about all the books we could read to our children, and she had brought an assortment of them with her. As she talked and passed the books around the room, J perched on my knee blowing raspberries at her throughout her entire presentation. (Apparently, J is also a literary/public speaking critic. I am not certain whether it was the presentation or the books themselves that he objected to.)

When he appeared to want down, I laid him down on the mat on top of his blankie. He and another little girl, Jenna, tried to trade toys; she wanted Monkey, and he wanted her ladybug teether toy. He kept trying to roll over and grab it.

At the end of the session, we got little certificates which were completed by placing a footprint of our babies in the corner. They were yellow. J didn't really mind getting the paint on his foot, but he was most unimpressed with having it washed off in the bathroom after. He still isn't much of a waterbaby. But it is still a very nice keepsake, and I will put it in his scrapbook.

Then we had treats. J was still really squirmy, so I couldn't put him down. I got a plate together while holding him, and he tried to upend the entire plate onto my shirt. Thankfully, anything messy was firmly attached to the plate, and he didn't get it all over me. He cried at his foiled attempts to cover me in food.

He is still teething like mad. Had Tylenol and Anbesol today. Would not nap with ease and needed encouragement. Needed many, many snuggles. Woke up screaming and needed much consoling. Poor little man!

Otherwise, an uneventful day. Had a nice chat with theatre_mommy. Learned more about using my financial calculator (apparently, you need a degree from MIT to figure it out in its entirety). Not much time for study today, but it's a short module this week and next, so not to worry; I'll make it up.

Gripe of the Day: Driver Training 101

Took J for a drive tonight to console him for awhile. Bad drivers on the road; we were nearly killed. And so...

When passing parked cars, please speed up or slow down to get in the next lane over. Do not lane split and drive down the middle of 2 lanes nearly shearing off the passenger side of my car, you brilliant and privileged thing, you. You won't get there any faster in your body bag; trust me.

Also, people who smoke while driving annoy me. Especially when they flick their ashes out their windows onto my car rather than using their rather conveniently located ashtrays. And especially when they utilize this technique by crossing their right hands over their left arms while operating their vehicles at high speeds down the Freeway. This technique has killed people before. Trust me; I know. (But in his defence, I'm sure his left hand was already occupied by his cell phone.) Both hands on the wheel, people! At least one, though! Please don't steer with your knees!

And today I learned: there are many, many drivers on our streets who do not know what to do when confronted by an emergency vehicle. What do you do??

Please, if you're going to cause an accident, don't take me with you. Just drive into a pole or something.

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