Monday, October 10, 2005

J's first Thanksgiving - and more on the cereal

This morning, J ate some of his cereal. He still didn't finish the small portion in his bowl, but he did eat. Thank you all for the tips.

I fed J, burped him, and waited about 45 minutes, until he started acting kind of hungry again. Then H got himself a bowl of Cheerios so he could eat breakfast with his son. I tried putting some of J's rice cereal on my finger and letting him suck so he would get the taste. (Thank you va1kyrie for that suggestion; he didn't seem to mind it as much that way.) And then H sat next to him and demonstrated eating with a spoon. J stared at his daddy. Then I tried offering J some of his cereal from the little silver spoon, and found him to be more responsive.

Now, he didn't open wide to eagerly accept his cereal or anything like that, but he did take some of it in. He took about half the serving I'd gotten ready for him. It wasn't much, but it was certainly better. And shortly after he finished with the cereal, he filled up with more breastmilk.

Maybe I just have a baby who wants the milk for dessert. Who knows?

J's first Thanksgiving Monday was very nice. We went to C&L's place for a wonderful turkey dinner. We took baked acorn squash with us. (Yum!) L made her first turkey. She cooked a wonderful meal that we really enjoyed.

We amused ourselves after dinner by telling riddles. I enjoy a good riddle, and many were told tonight. It was lots of fun.

J slept through most of the evening. I suspect he is going through a growth spurt. He sure is tired. On a bright note, he hasn't vomitted in a few days. But he still has a bit of a cough. He will be seen for his 6 month checkup on Wednesday, so I'll mention it to the doc then.

I worked through some more of my course and am slowly grasping more of it.

Words of wisdom: Never take a financial accounting course without equipping yourself with a financial calculator. Sure, you can figure out the problems manually, but why anyone would want to is beyond me. The calculator makes it so much quicker and easier. And with the limited time given to write exams, we need all the shortcuts we can get. (I bring this up because it seems many of my classmates do not yet have financial calculators, and they are running into trouble as a result.)

J is sleeping peacefully in my arms. He has the right idea; it is late. I'm going to knock off my studying for the night and go to sleep now.

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