Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just Stuff

Went to a Halloween party tonight. H and I didn't have costumes, so we just went as ourselves. J's really cool costume that we got from Holly doesn't fit well in his car seat, but we wanted him to dress up. So tonight, J went dressed as Elmer Fudd in the opening sequence to the Bugs Bunny cartoons. He had a red and black plaid hunting hat with ear flaps, and wore a little black and white tuxedo with red vest. To complete his ensemble, Monkey dressed up as Bugs Bunny. He had socks over his ears and wore a little shirt with "WASCALLY WABBIT" written on masking tape taped to the back of the shirt. It was a funny little costume.

Driving home, I heard an announcement on the radio for a "Lingerie Pumpkin Carving Contest". This begs the question: How does one use one's lingerie to carve a pumpkin? Or are we talking about Madonna and the pointy bra here?

Heard some super-sappy "Why Won't You Love Me" song on the radio. I don't know what it is, because I couldn't listen to that garbage for long enough to get a title. Gist seemed to be "You don't love me, and maybe you never did, and you left me, and now I'm incomplete, and my dog hates me, and there is no point to anything anymore, 'cause you left, and nothing was ever any good again." You know ... the usual drill. I can't believe anyone would buy something like this. "And now, the latest track from 'Music to Mope By'". Here's an idea ... we'll listen to the CD, break the bottle and pass it around.

Working on my course. I hate this section. It's all about investments, and it seems that isn't quite my area. I really have to struggle to understand it. I have a quiz to write on this one. I will try not to be upset if I don't do as well on it. At least I know this isn't my area, so I know what I have to work on.

Have you seen that commercial? The one with the gorgeous woman trying to entice the young man to smoke, sexily leaning in and telling him how much he wants her ... and then he chews his quitting gum, and we see the gorgeous woman morph into some hideous troll-like demon? Ever notice how some people are like that? It boggles my mind. They can seem so beautiful in so many different ways, but then, just below the surface, there's this hideous troll-like demon just waiting to get out. Why is there a demon in such a beautiful package? It makes no sense to me. Packaging should advertise what it sells. It would be so much easier to tell personality types apart if a person's surface matched his or her inner workings. Of course, then we'd probably all have warts and big ugly moles, 'cause who has an unflawed personality after all (and who'd want to hang out with Little Miss Perfect anyway)? But a degree of deformity could be used as a guideline, to tell the really ugly and defective personality traits apart. Yes, this would work for me.

But what do I know about such things really? I can't even understand investments; I can't be expected to understand the nature of a poor reconciliation between visual and actual. Still, shouldn't there be some way for us to see things as they are? I don't think the school-of-hard-knocks is a fitting educational forum for life. There must be an easier way.

Apparently, I like things to be easy. I should get over that. Nothing in life is easy.

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va1kyrie said...

If you are only looking at the surface, a shallow pond looks much the same as a deep pond; however, trying to dive into the shallow pond may result in a broken neck. Best to be aware of the depth rather than just looking at the beauty of the surface.