Thursday, October 13, 2005

H takes liberties with story-time

H was reading J "Birthday Soup", which is one of the short stories from my old "Little Bear" book. (I should add that this is a first edition hard cover copy of the first "Little Bear" book, and a favorite of mine from when I was little. Special stories!)

In "Birthday Soup", all of the little animals come to Little Bear's birthday party, and Little Bear makes Birthday Soup for them out of various vegetables, since he doesn't realize his mother has baked him a surprise birthday cake. As they come in, they each say "My something smells good. Is it in the big black pot?" and then Little Bear tells them that he is making Birthday Soup and invites them to stay and have some.

Well, H got as far as the Duck before taking liberties with the story.

H (reading to J): "My, something smells good. Is it in the big black pot?" says Duck. "Yes!" says Little Bear, and he pushes the duck in.

I laughed. That is, of course, not how the story goes. But I don't think J will be scarred for life, so it's okay.

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Dottie P. said...

One of my sisters used to do the same thing: "Cinderlinda" was one of my brother's favourites. There was also something about "Snow White and the Seven Dudes", but I may not be remembering correctly.