Thursday, October 20, 2005

In Search Of ... Motivation

I don't want to do homework. I don't want to do housework. I don't want to do anything at all.

J is sleeping. I should take advantage of this nice quiet time to get stuff done. I have a bunch of chapters to get through to complete Module 7. I need to work on them today. I really do. J's Memaw is going to come for a visit tomorrow, so I need to get some housework done, just so the place doesn't look quite so much as though it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. And then this is going to be a very busy weekend. J has swimming, we have some errands to run, we are taking H's mom around to look at a few different complexes, there are parties, my birth family is coming in... I need to get a jump on stuff now. Today. I won't have time later.

But I can't concentrate, and I can't get motivated to do anything.

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Dottie P. said...

You are so busy all the time, looking after J, looking after the house, doing your schoolwork, having a relationship with H, and all the other million little things that make up a life. Sometimes, lack of motivation means you need to have a rest. I hope you took advantage of that time and had a good, relaxing, hour or two. :)