Saturday, April 30, 2005

Baby Sling

Another fun photo here. One of the gifts I received at the shower was a baby sling. So far, J loves being carried in it. It should last for quite some time. I love it! Thank you theatre_mommy for hosting the shower. And thanks to the gang at FMC for the great sling!

(Okay, clearly I need to drop some poundage. But the baby is cute, and isn't that what really matters?)

Shower today

The lovely theatre mommy was so very kind as to throw a baby shower for J and I today. It was so much fun! It is wonderful to have such good and kind friends.

J received a number of wonderful presents. In fact, H had to come over after the shower and meet us so that we could transport all of the gifts home. The generosity of our friends is amazing.

Here is a picture of the "boys with their babes" after the shower.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Babies and elephants

We had a few visitors while I was in the hospital; mostly family. A few friends dropped in also. Among them were K&K, who brought their new little baby girl, A, and a cute little purple stuffed elephant for J. It rattles. J loves his little elephant!

On the day J was born, he and A were the exact same weight. That momentous event had to be documented. So here is a picture of the two babies together. J is in the solid white blankie, and A is in the print blankie. Aren't they sweet?

Also, here is a picture of J with his elephant rattle.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tub time

J's umbilical cord fell off this week. So he got to have his very first tub bath in his little baby bathtub. He hated every minute of it. We strove to finish quickly, but we just couldn't possibly be quick enough. He screamed and screamed!

We don't yet have a tub sling for J, and he's so tiny and the tub is so big by comparison. We were pretty nervous about him slipping under the water, even though the tub is very small really. But it took both of us to give J his bath, so we couldn't get any pictures of J in the tub. We'll pick up a tub sling soon, and hopefully bathtime will then be a one-person job.

After his bath, he was so upset that he pooped in his little hooded towel. Baby poop is bright yellow. The towel is white. I don't think that stain will ever come out fully.

While we couldn't get any pictures of J in his tub, we were able to get a couple of good shots of him in his little towel. I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our son is here

Well, our little son, J, was born just a few days ago. We are both home from the hospital now and doing just fine, although J still has some jaundice. He is learning to eat properly, but it is taking some time. He wasn't interested at all to begin with, so I opted to stay in hospital for an extra day just to make sure he would eat. Little J was 5 lbs 13 oz at birth, which is really not too bad for a preemie. But he is too small for the diapers my mom made for him, so we need to go with a diaper service for a bit. The people from the service sure seem nice!

We had a scare in the wee small hours this morning, and wound up back over at the hospital. Fortunately, folks seemed to be really eager to help with the cute little baby. We were surrounded by a bunch of folks who had been in bar fights, were suffering from alcohol poisoning, etc. I imagine we were a welcome change. J is fine. He was coughing, and we thought he might have a respiratory infection. But that wasn't the case at all. He was just getting too much milk in at once and it was making him gag and cough.

So that is all. We are very glad that he is okay, especially after all the rough patches of the past months. Very thankful to have him here with us.

Here is a picture of our darling boy on his very first "birthday"!