Sunday, May 27, 2007

After a rather long absence

I'm back!

My computer crashed out for a while. Then it returned to almost normal. Now, after some minor tinkering by me, it is back up to near full capacity, and I can blog again! Not only that, but I can return to work on the magical mystical picture CD for my fantastically lovely sister-in-law. Assuming no more crashes, she should get it ... soon.

Highlights while I've been gone:

About a week and a half ago, J peed in the potty for the very first time! He has yet to repeat his feat. But he has peed on the floor twice, while pushing the potty around in the nude. And he has tried several times to use the potty as a hat, a step, and (if you'll believe it) a bed.

J now requires two soothers - a blue one, and a yellow one. He must suck on one and hold the other. If one is missing, he becomes quite irate. I have no idea how to wean him from the soothers.

I passed my Economics course with a 92!!

I'm still hurt from the car accident. I have a couple of slipped discs in the low back, which make all activity (sitting, walking, etc.) really painful. I'm seeing physio twice a week and chiro 2-3 times a week to try and remedy this situation. There is some nerve damage that has resulted from this, and I need to go for an MRI and nerve conduction studies to see the extent and also what can be done to fix it. I don't know when the tests will be just yet.

The garage has electrical, thanks to our very kind friend Darren. He rocks! Now it just has to pass City inspection, and then we can cover over the trench in the backyard. In the meantime, watch your step!

We have picked flooring for the house and have hired someone to install it. We have no time and wouldn't know where to start if we had to do it ourselves. Work should commence mid-June.

Our new furniture came in early. Now, we are really crowded, with way too much furniture in the living room. But the new TV is out of this world! I never thought we'd own anything like it. It's very cool!

Saw Spiderman 3 at the IMAX. I liked it a lot! Of course, I was a bit disappointed at the whole Venom thing. But a movie night out together, just me and H? Oh yes ... the movie was fantastic!

J's vocabulary is really picking up. He has realized that H and I have voice dialing on our cell phones, so he thinks life just works that way. Now, he grabs the main phone in our house and just gives it instructions - "Call Grannie" - and waits for a response. When we phone someone, he insists that he must talk to them. His conversations consist of "Hi", and then a quick survey of the room, explaining everything that he sees in very excited tones - "Panda; Wagon; Sippy; Thomas ..." You get the gist.

Tonight, however, J decided that he would only speak in gibberish. H tried to understand and decipher. The discussion went something like this:

J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: What?
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: What's by the wall?
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: A satellite dish?
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: On the siding by the wall?
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: I have no idea what you're saying.
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: When did you learn to speak Korean?
J: Shee shu shooda ba da wah.
H: She sells seashells by the seashore?
J: Yah!

Um ... no ... I don't think so ...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm workin' on it

I'm supposed to send my beloved and most patient sister-in-law a picture CD of J. I'm bad about sending pictures, and my sister-in-law loves to scrapbook so she needs them. Besides, she lives quite far away and would really enjoy seeing photos of her little nephew from time to time.

Every time I promise to send the pictures, things come up and I get so busy I can't find time.

Every. Time.

Tonight, I sat down and spent some time going through all of our pictures. Holy man, are there a lot of them!

I have one more large folder to go through, one more collection to upload from the camera, and likely a couple more Sears picture CDs to copy over. And I should also try and see if I can get any from my M&D's computer, since they've got a lot of good shots of our little guy.

Soon, Holly. Soon, you shall have your picture CD. Of course, there may be more than one!

Because everything is better in French

T: Do you want french toast, or hot dogs?
J: French hot dog!
H: Le bow-wow?