Sunday, May 08, 2005

First Mother's Day

Well, we had a wonderful day. H's sister is in town, so we got to spend the day with most of the mothers from both of our families. We missed my sister-in-law, S, though. H gave me a pretty gold locket with a picture of our little J-man in it for my first mother's day. And I love it so much.

My husband and little boy are just the best!

J was a bit fussy at dinner, so we had to put him in his bouncy. He made his patented "Zoolander" face, and we got a pretty good picture of it. I don't know how long he'll continue to make that face. *Sigh!* Babies don't stay little forever.

Anyway, here are the best shots we have taken of J's "Zoolander" face. (It's hard to time the pictures just right!) In the first shot, J was just a few days old. The second was taken today.