Friday, October 14, 2005

Taking a Break

If I listen for long enough, my course lecturer eventually starts to sound kind of like Grover. If I imagine Grover delivering the lecture, it actually becomes far more entertaining. But I can't stand listening to the lectures for all that long. That is unfortunate. I need to listen to the lectures and do the review problems so that I can stay on top of the class. And I already find myself a bit behind the 8-ball on those things. I have some catching up to do on lectures and review problems. A lot of catching up to do, actually. I'm getting quite freaked out about it. I should be studying right now, but I've been going for a couple of hours now and need a bit of a break.

On another note, tonight some jackass on the Ave nearly sheared off my half of the car. Here's how it went down.

A vehicle turned right from a red light without the driver (we shall simply refer to him as "Mr. Blind" for the sake of convenience) first stopping (or even apparently looking), and cut us off. H was not able to stop our car in time, so he quickly moved over into the next lane. He would have needed to do this anyway, as there were parked cars ahead. Quick thinking, but not a big deal. So far.

Then, when Mr. Blind immediately found himself about to strike a parked car, he decided to change lanes. Suddenly. Without signalling or shoulder checking. Directly into our passenger door.

Again unable to stop, H moved as far to the left as he could without hitting the vehicle beside us and, at the same time, hit the horn so as to alert Mr. Blind to the fact that we were directly beside him. Mr. Blind ignored the horn and continued unabated, and we briefly found ourselves precariously driving three abreast in two lanes of traffic. That is, of course, until Mr. Blind got so close to our car that he actually struck our mirror. Then, he decided that his game of chicken was perhaps a tad too risky.

As we pulled into a parking lot, Mr. Blind followed us. I was amazed; I thought for sure he would continue with his traffic violations and leave the scene. H got out of the car (ready to beat Mr. Blind to a pulp, by this time). Mr. Blind meekly apologized for his stupidity, and then they surveyed the two vehicles. Fortunately, there was no damage to either car. (Thank heaven for spring-loaded mirrors. I gather Mr. Blind's mirror was what hit ours, and the two mirrors survived the impact.)

So no harm done. The car is safe. We are all safe. But we were pretty ticked about the whole thing, and we aren't sure who this guy paid off to get his driver's license.

Back to the books now.

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