Saturday, October 29, 2005

She's Cheating!

OMG! I am in disbelief! I am furious!

One of my classmates has posted a question to our online tutor. The question is, verbatim, a question from one of our quizzes. She's even supplied two of the possible answers from the multiple choice question and has asked the tutor to tell her which answer is correct.

The tutor has made it abundantly clear, on numerous occasions, that she cannot assist us in answering questions from online quizzes and that she doesn't even have access to the quizzes. So this student has not told the tutor that it is a quiz question, and is just asking it as though she were curious.

And the tutor has answered the question!

So now, I find myself in an uncomfortable situation: I feel morally obligated to essentially rat out a classmate who is cheating in the course, but I don't want to be a tattletale.

Why someone would behave so inappropriately is beyond my grasp.


va1kyrie said...

Holy cow! That's crazy! I would just email the tutor about it privately, not bring it up on the boards, but I would certainly bring it to the tutor's attention if I saw something like that.

Trish said...

We don't have a private email for the tutor. So I tried to alert her using the "Report Abuse" feature, but found it does not work.

At least our posts are moderated, so no one but the tutor can see a post as an addition to the thread until it has been approved. But I had to add a post to the thread to alert the course tutor to what has happened here.

I feel so bad!