Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just a day

J has been crabby today. Really crabby today. Teething. He is irritable. Poor little man! (I'm exhausted.)

I got through my ethics reading. I find ethics readings particularly annoying. No one needs to tell me that morals and honesty are good and necessary, so having it drummed into me through numerous 20+ page readings bugs me. But it is required reading, so I oblige. Must get more studying done tomorrow.

Both my sister and J's Memaw are coming by tomorrow to visit. I must tidy up my house before they arrive. I do hope they come at different times.

Attended a play reading tonight, and it went very well. I have been given some really good ideas on changes to make to the script, and have already begun. It's my first play, so it was not anticipated that it would be problem free. But I am glad that it has a good starting point. A bit more work, and hopefully I will have something to be proud of.

J cried through pretty much the whole reading. I wish J were happier. Sometimes when he fusses so much, I think I'm doing something wrong and I feel like an incompetent mother. I love him so, and I want him to be happy. It hurts me terribly to see him so sad.

I need a good cry.

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va1kyrie said...

I enjoyed listening to the reading tonight. I'll tell you my thoughts later. I thought it was probably best for you to listen to what the actors had to say first. I think you have a really nice touch with dialogue.

As for J, babies cry, it's their nature :-)