Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No nap??

Today, J was very tired. I wanted to get some studying done and was planning on going to my folks' place if need be. But J seemed so very sleepy that I thought he would go down for his morning nap, I'd get some studying done here, and then I'd head over there in the afternoon.

J would nearly nod off, rubbing his eyes, fussing ... just so tired. But he refused to sleep. After a couple of hours of me trying and failing to get J down for his nap, I gave up. Every time I'd put him in his crib, he'd start playing and wouldn't sleep at all. And then he'd start crying for me and wouldn't stop until I went to get him.

Finally, at around 11:30, I abandoned the procedure and decided to just go over to the folks' place to get some assistance while I prepared for my exam. I got J's stuff all ready, got my schoolbooks together, got J changed and ready to go, put him in his little snowsuit, and headed out the door.

J fell asleep as soon as his butt hit the carseat. Seriously. I was strapping him in, and he was sound asleep.

I got some good studying done today. I have to locate some practice questions on revenue and marketing variances; I need to learn those formulae well, as they are sure to be on the exam. I don't know the formulae yet. Not at all.

It occurs to me that there were certain things that I took for granted before becoming a parent. I should work on listing them. Not that I would trade J in for anything in the world, you understand. But there are things that I never thought about before.

Things I took for granted before parenthood

Walking from the house to the car with only my purse. I mean, as opposed to purse, baby, diaper bag, bag of food and dishes, container of toys, blanket ...

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