Monday, February 27, 2006

It's going to sound paranoid, but ...

I really and truly may fail this exam. I've been working hard, but I don't seem to have absorbed the materials. Today, I finally figured out what a "yield variance" actually is. I'm confused by the FIFO and weighted-average methods of calculating equivalent units of production. I don't know any of my revenue variance formulae, and I can't remember the ones for fixed overhead variances just now either. I don't remember what the different types of variances are called. I spent a good 5 hours today trying to get through self-tests; I only completed one. I have three more to go, the remaining audio lectures, 15 or so past and practice exams ... and my exam is on the 8th!! I find myself asking "Did we even take that?" a lot, only to go back through the text and realize that yes indeed we did. I'm feeling very nervous, and very stupid.

My sinuses are starting to drain, but they are reluctant about it. It is uncomfortable and distracting, and periodically I feel like parts of my face are going to explode. Sometimes, they seem to be draining just fine; other times, my head gets all plugged up and I can't even see straight let alone concentrate. But on a bright note, it no longer feels like someone roundhouse-kicked me in the side of the head. Hopefully it will be all gone in time for me to write the exam.

And hopefully, I will at least pass.

I'm scared.

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