Friday, February 24, 2006

J slept well through the night

Of course, he has made up for it by deciding that his day will start now. (Right now. Right now, dammit.) He woke up happy, had a diaper change and a spot of milk, and then just started freaking out for no apparent reason. He really wants to sit up while being held and cuddled. Lying down for snuggles is absolutely out of the question, as is spending any more time playing in his crib. So my day is starting really early, through no choice of my own.

On a bright note, I slept better last night. But I'm still in a fair bit of pain today. It's up in the forehead just now; it tends to move between all the sinuses on the right side. Ducky. I can't wait to see what it does today. At this point, I suspect I will need that antibiotic after all. We'll see. But I have to get over it quickly; I just don't have time scheduled to be sick.

Couch is coming tonight. Woot!

J, please stop smacking me with your soother. It hurts.

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