Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weight is up

J is 18 pounds now. While his weight is still not acceptable, he is improving. He's extremely active and has a very high metabolism, so he has a hard time putting on weight. The doctor was quite happy with J's activity level and the amount he is eating. But he wasn't happy with J's weight gain. So he has asked us to mix a powder into J's milk and formula to try to get extra calories into him. Now the tough part: finding a store that actually carries the specialty powder.

The doc wasn't worried about J's eating habits. He'll get into eating more textures at his own pace, and the meat will come also. We're doing well, and just have to keep trying things as we go along.


I'm still behind in my schoolwork. But J had a good nap this morning, and I got some work done. (Score!) Hopefully, I will get all caught up soon. Lots to do. It's a tough course. I know I always say that. I always mean it, too. But at least I seem to be through the section on computer hardware, so that's good. I've always been more into software than hardware.


Our neighbors sold their house. It's a smaller version of our house, with no veranda or corner pantry and without our upgrades. It's also on a smaller lot than ours. The city assesses it as worth less than our place. They got $245,000 for their house. They took less because they wanted a quick sale. Apparently, they could have gotten $260,000 had they been willing to wait the 45 days, but they wanted to sell faster.

Sounds as though our property values have increased by $100,000+ since we bought in. Woot!


Plans are in the works for J's first birthday party. It will be held the afternoon of April 8th. Mark your calendars. An email will go out shortly.

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