Saturday, March 25, 2006

Swimming tuckers J out

Tonight, we went swimming with L&P and the girls and K&K and Draya. J had so much fun, splashing about in the water in the nice, warm pool. J loves to splash about! He got all pruney from the water, and he was really tired out from all his playing. He's been sleeping ever since we left the pool, and I think he will sleep right through the night. Such a dear, sweet, little boy! Night night, little one.

It was nice to get out and visit with friends. I don't get out very often these days. Too busy. But I was really glad to have gotten some time out with friends on a study-break, even if it was for just a little while.

I've been studying a lot tonight, but am finding it hard to concentrate now. (That nice warm pool is really relaxing, and I'm tired.) I may put my books aside for the night and go to sleep. I am a bit behind schedule and must catch up with my studies in pretty short order. That's a shame, as I had wanted to help Nez with her move this weekend. It's looking unlikely. Life got in the way this week and set me behind in my studies, and I must get caught up. I'm only on section 2 of my 9 section module, which I need to complete so that I can submit my quiz before Wednesday. I hope Nez's move goes well in my absence. I really wish I could be there.

Had a nice talk with L, who admitted that she was trying to avoid her schoolwork. I can relate and sympathize. L let me play the "accounting video game" that her class has access to. I thought it was pretty fun. I'm concerned about that; I think I might be a dweeb.

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