Thursday, March 16, 2006

J and the ducks

At breakfast this morning, J threw up. Lots. And before I could get him all cleaned up, he decided to draw in it like fingerpaints. So I concluded that it was quite clearly bath time.

J has many tub toys. He enjoys them all, and clambers after them during his baths. But he especially loves his rubber duckies. He has several duckies, in various sizes. He prefers the largest one. After bath time, J decided that he needed his favorite rubber duckie to stay with him. He clutched it while he was being dried off and dressed, and he cried if it was out of his hands for a moment. He then took it to bed with him for nap time. He held it and caressed it in his sleep, and when he awoke and I went to get him, I found him sitting up in his crib, calmly playing with his rubber duckie.

It's been with him all day. Well, why not? It's a perfectly acceptable toy, and it was nice and clean, after all. I don't know if it's the size, the shape, the weight, or the fact that it is yellow that intrigues him. But I know he loves it.

J ate broccoli, potato and cheese casserole today. He found it acceptable. It was a jarred blend. He seems to like his food really smooth still. He'll eat textures when he's ready, I guess.

Also, J has decided that he must be cuddled to sleep. This is a sudden development over the last week or so. Up 'til now, J has preferred to fall asleep on his own. Now, if I try letting him sleep on his own, he'll flip right out. It's particularly bad during the afternoon nap. He insists that I lie down next to him in the big bed and cuddle him close until he falls asleep, and then I can move him to his crib. He falls asleep quickly this way. But if I put him in the crib fully awake, he'll scream his wee head off. I don't know why.

Not that I mind cuddling with a sweet little baby, you understand. In fact, I quite enjoy the extra snuggles. But I know that the daycare won't do this, and he starts going there in about a month and a half. Hopefully he'll be back to his independent little self soon and this won't be problematic down the road.

Today, I visited the west lake in Hangzhou. It didn't look like much to me, since high res isn't available there. But an online search revealed that it is in fact a beautiful place! I'd love to visit it in person someday.

One final sentiment for the day:
Dear Thieving Scum; May karma sneak right up and bite you on the butt!

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