Thursday, March 02, 2006

Variance analysis

I think I have all of my variance formulae down now. I'm going to put all the formulae here for my own ease of reference.

Variance analysis

Production variances
(Note: Negative numbers are favorable; positive numbers are unfavorable)

Materials price variance = AQxAP - AQxSP

Materials volume variance = AQxSP - SQxSP or Materials mix variance + Materials yield variance

(Note: Total materials variance can only be calculated if amount purchased and amount used in production are the same amount)

Materials mix variance = AQ@AMxSP - AQ@SMxSP

Materials yield variance = AQ@SMxSP - SQ@SMxSP

Labour rate variance = AHxAR - AHxSR

Labour efficiency variance = AHxSR - SHxSR

Variable Overhead:
Variable overhead spending variance = AHxAR - AHxSR

Variable overhead efficiency variance = AHxSR - SHxSR

Fixed Overhead:
Fixed overhead budget variance = Actual fixed overhead - Budgeted fixed overhead

Fixed overhead volume variance = Fixed portion of predetermined overhead rate x (Denominator hours - Standard hours)

Revenue variances
(Note: Positive numbers are favorable; negative numbers are unfavorable)

Sales price variance = AQxAP - AQxSP

Sales volume variance = AQxSCM - SQxSCM or Market share variance + Market volume variance or Sales mix variance + Sales quantity variance

Market share variance = AQ@AMVxSCM - AQ@SMVxSCM

Market volume variance = AQ@SMVxSCM - SQ@SMVxSCM

Sales mix variance = AQ@AMxSCM - AQ@SMxSCM

Sales quantity variance = AQ@SMxSCM - SQ@SMxSCM


AQ=Actual quantity
SQ=Standard quantity
AH=Actual hours
SH=Standard hours
AP=Actual price
SP=Standard price
AR=Actual rate
SR=Standard rate
AM=Actual mix
SM=Standard mix
SCM = Standard contribution margin
AMV = Actual market volume
SMV = Standard market volume

On a completely different note, the sinus infection is refusing to leave. I went to the dentist last night, just to see if perhaps a tooth may be causing the problem. It is not a tooth issue. But the teeth that hurt are right next to the infected sinus cavity, and that's what is causing the toothache. The pain in my cheek, which had left, is back again today. I don't have time to take a day off, though, so I have to study through it. Sure does hurt, though.

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