Thursday, March 02, 2006

Exam nerves

Exam reads: "Draw a CVP-Analysis Graph."
I say: "A what now?"

Exam reads: "Draw a scattergram."
I say: "Oh, that's that thing with the dots, isn't it?"

Exam reads: "Explain in terms of r or r2 the relationship between variable overhead and production units."
I say: "Did we take that?"

Exam reads: "Provide three necessary qualitative criteria for the implementation of a workable activity-based costing system."
I say: "What does 'qualitative' mean?"


Today, I wrote three past exams. My grades ranged from 54% to 64%. Unfortunately, 65% is a pass.

I have no idea what to do to prepare for this exam. And my audio lecturer, who is supposed to help me figure out appropriate exam strategies, just continues to get duller and duller. I hate that my audio lecturer reads verbatim from the slides that I already have printed in front of me, and that she doesn't expand on any concepts. I hate that some of the slides just say things like "Refer to page 2 of the handout"; more to the point, I hate that 5 or 6 slides in a row will say that. I hate that my audio lecturer can't plan ahead, and will actually direct me to turn from page 2 of the handout to look at slide #36, so that she can read it out loud to me to direct me to turn back to page 2 of the handout. Making your voice ebb and flow doesn't keep anyone's attention if you have nothing intelligent to say. And I do not care about the name of your dog, nor do I give a rap what she looks like. Putting a picture of her on one of the slides does nothing to amuse me. Is this going to be on the exam? No? Then shut up!!

Away with you, audio lecturer! Give me strategy, or give you death!

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