Friday, March 31, 2006

Comments lacking

No one's commented in a little while. Make a comment. I like them.


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Liz said...

You're so demanding LOL

Holly said...

OK. I've been too swamped to read your blog in a while, but now that I am here I can't resist but comment. But, what should I comment about?

Let's see....we had a client today that we couldn't locate because he said his street name was Uclid. I thought, isn't Euclid spelled Euclid, as in starting with an E? Who on earth doesn't know how to spell the name of the street they live on?

This, of course lead to much hilarity in the office. We have decided that now, when we have to spell to someone over the phone, we will try saying "that's E, as in euclid" and see if we get "huuuh?" as the response.

We then went crazy finding other ideas. Like, maybe "that's P, as in ptarmigan".

Can you think of any others?

On a more sane note, J's belated birthday present went in the mail this week. Don't know if you have it yet. Should arrive soon. Sorry it's late!

Hugs to everyone!

Trish said...

That's "G", as in "gnat".

That's "P", as in "psycho".

This is quite fun, actually. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!