Monday, March 20, 2006

J is flippin' out!!

He is teething again. I think. Or maybe it's another ear infection. Or ...

Really, it could be 'most anything. Obviously, he can't talk yet, so he can't tell me what's wrong. But he's been grumpy yesterday and today. Harshly screaming and crying. Refusing to sleep, even though he's extremely tired. He won't eat much. He doesn't want to crawl or play; he wants comforting. But he doesn't really want to be held either. He doesn't want much breastmilk, but only cold homo milk from his sippy cup. He doesn't have a fever. He's been given Tylenol for pain, but it doesn't seem to be helping much just now.

Last night, he was inconsolable. We almost took him to Emergency. He finally settled down and went to sleep. But he woke up several times through the night. Screaming. And he decided to start his day before 7:00 this morning. So I got to start my day then, too. This wouldn't be so bad, were it not for the fact that he has abolished naptime.

I am tired. I need peace. Peace and a happy, pain-free baby. Sleep. These are my fondest wishes just now.

Please don't cry anymore, J. Mama is here. She will comfort you as best she can. Just please don't cry anymore.

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