Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A random mix of cryptic

It's early. Early for someone who is not yet back to work. Not just yet.

My baby is awake.


H: Clean the house.
T: Move the couch.
H: Clean the house.
T: Move the couch so I can clean the house.
H: Clean the house so I can move the couch.
T: Move the couch; it's in the way, and I can't clean the house.
H: There are many places that need cleaning where the couch is not.
T: Couch!
H: Office!


Ever feel dumb?


I feel shunned. You were mean to me and mine. I didn't provoke you. At least, I don't believe I did. I certainly didn't intend to.

I think there was some misunderstanding. I don't know.

It makes me sad that you were mean to me, because I liked you.

But you don't like me.

It's over. Movin' on.


I may already be a winner.


It's hard to type one-handed. With a baby in your other arm. A baby who kicks the keyboard tray and moves it, making you hit wrong keys.


Stomach. Upset. Awakened in the night. Ow.


I love my support network. And sunrises. Crisp winter mornings. My family. My new course. My new job.

Nerve-wracked as I can get, I love it. Being busy. Being at peace. Being stressed. Being illogical. Or extremely logical. Silly. Serious. A state of being.

Being me.

I love my life today. It's a good life.


Baby needs cereal. No corn.

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