Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend bits

J is definitely teething. He cried a fair bit this weekend, but seems to be doing well now.

On Saturday evening, we went to Draya's first b-day party. We would have liked to have gone earlier, but I was so busy studying and then J was tired and wanted to nap. So we got there fairly late in the evening. It was good that we still got to see the birthday girl. What a cutie! As we were driving over, J's teething pain took hold, and he started screaming at the top of his lungs. He just shrieked and shrieked. He didn't stop when we got in the house either. Thankfully, K&K had baby Tylenol; we had failed to bring ours. J got doped up at the party and felt all better. He provided a slight disturbance to the other guests initially, but behaved himself well for much of the time.

It was fun to see people at the party. I'm glad we made it out. (Well, like we were going to miss Draya's first birthday for anything!)

Yesterday, J had a bath in the morning. We didn't have a tub ring yet, so we were still using the bath sling. J sat up, leaned forward, started crawling away, going after his tub toys, etc. It was hard to bathe the little guy and keep him safe. But we managed. At one point, I said to H, "We need to get a bath ring today; this sling is useless". It was as though J had understood that statement, and he decided to show us just how useful the sling is. He decided to quickly climb it like a ramp and try to shoot himself up into the air.

H went out to find a bath ring and a Leap Frog table. J loves Draya's, so we felt he should have his own. And I went over to my parents' place to get some good studying done. H found the Leap Frog table, but did not find a bath ring.

Studying went fairly well. I am now usually getting passing grades on the exams, but without much leeway. So at this point, it could go either way on Wednesday. It's the first time in a good 15 years that I've been this uncertain of whether or not I will pass a test. Frightening. The course tutor is being most unhelpful. There's a problem from one of the past exams that I just can't figure out, and I'm not getting a decent explanation. I've emailed L & M both, and I hope that one of them will be able to solve this pesky algebraic concept for me and shed some light on what is proving to be beyond my grasp.

J fell down yesterday while trying to stand up. He hit his head on the sharp corner of the leg of this rather treacherous coffee table over at my parents' place. Fortunately, he didn't break the skin. Just a bad bruise and a bit of a bump (pardon my aliteration; what an awful sentence). He cried a bit, but seems okay now.

Got to go over and see L&P last night. They're such fun! I'm glad we have gotten to know them better. L got her textbooks last week, so she'll be starting her course soon. Gemma and J played together. J would find a toy, and Gemma would take it away from him. J didn't seem to be particularly put out by it. I'm sure he'll do the same thing to L&M's baby. This is how babies play together. L&P gave us Gemma's old tub ring (much to Gemma's chagrin). Now, bath time will be easier.


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Draya's Mom said...

We were VERY happy to see the 3 of you & J didn't create a disturbance. Teeth happen. It was a baby birthday party, babies cry, no big deal!
Draya has actually pretty much stoped using her tub ring for now. She likes having mobility to play. Although if she starts standing up a lot again I'll put her back into it. Oh and she really enjoyed her first bubble bath last night!