Monday, March 27, 2006

Read the directions

Step 1: Read the resources you are given, looking for the information that you seek.

Step 2: Follow the instructions that you find. All of them. In order.

Step 3: If you have read the resources and followed the instructions, and it is still not working for you, THEN you may ask the tutor or your fellow classmates for assistance.

My opinion is this: A student taking Management Information Systems should be able to figure out how to extract a zipped file. Failing that, said student should be able to follow the very simple instructions provided in the "Download Data Files" window.

(Read very simple instructions here.)

Before you begin working on the data files in this course, you must first download them from a zipped file and save them to your hard drive. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Download data files" link at the end of these instructions.
  2. When asked "Do you want to open the file?" click Save. Click Save again to save the zipped file to your desktop. When the download is complete, click Close.
  3. Double-click the zipped file on your desktop to open it. Click Extract from the menu bar and choose a location on your hard drive for the data files using the New Folder button. Then click Extract once again to save the files to that location. Click Close.
You are now ready to open and work with the data files on your hard drive.

I figure this is a systems course and, if a student can't extract a zipped file, even with walk-me-through-it-and-hold-my-hand instructions, he or she may run into some difficulty with the remainder of the course. Just a thought.

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Mary said...

Oh dear...I am not computer savy. I may actually have to read those instructions. Again.