Friday, March 17, 2006

Is this what is meant by "women and children first"?

L & the girls are all sick with colds. I spoke with L today; she sounded absolutely miserable. I wish they felt better. So far, P has escaped.

J & I have both come down with a stomach flu. At least, I'm presuming this is why we are having our particular issues today. I can think of no other reason. We are both feeling miserable just now. So far, H has escaped.

Must be cold and flu season. Fortunately, the stomach flu tends to come on quickly and run its course equally quickly. I hope L's cold will also be done soon.

J, stop trying to gouge my eyes out and just go to sleep already. Trust me; you'll feel better if you do.

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Rigmor said...

Hope you and the little one feel better soon.

As for women and children first... (and this should only be a myth although in my more misantropological moments I really am not as sure) I once read that around the middle ages when families could come home to find their enemies inside the house waiting for them so they could chop their heads off, a man would send his wife and children in first just to make that the place was safe.