Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm still standing

Last night, H and I were struggling to maintain our composure. We are both feeling rather stressed these days. J was in his crib, H was in the bedroom with J, and H and I were sort of shouting back and forth to one another, trying to have a conversation from different rooms. I walked into the bedroom to save on the shouting, and found J standing up holding the slats of his crib. H hadn't yet noticed.

T: Honey?
H: Yes?
T: Look at J! He's standing!

By the end of "He's standing", J had sat back down. So H missed it. But yes, J can pull himself into a standing position now. I am glad I was there for it.

This morning, H was taking J for a diaper change. H grabbed J's little arm and waved at me. "Say good morning, Mommy". When H let go, J continued to wave. So it's not on demand yet, but J can wave to us now.

Snow hit our fair city hard yesterday. We missed L's b-day party 'cause of bad roads. So instead of enjoying pancakes with friends for Mardi Gras, we ordered in. J enjoyed half a grilled cheese sandwich. I hope L's party was fun. But I still really wish we could have been there.

Bad roads will likely keep me confined to home today, too. I will try to study here.

Things I need to do before my exam next week:

  1. Review scrap and rework (module 2.6);
  2. Memorize the format for Production Reports using weighted average and FIFO methods (modules 3.4 and 3.5);
  3. Review cost of lost units (module 3.6);
  4. Review module 4.4 for income statement formats;
  5. Memorize the format for the Master Budget (module 6.7);
  6. Memorize the standard cost and variance journal entries (module 7.4);
  7. Do a refresher on modules 7.5-7.8, on which I am not clear;
  8. Review modules 8.4 and 8.6;
  9. Memorize the formulae for revenue and marketing variances (module 8.9), which I'm pretty sure will be on the exam;
  10. Have a brief review of modules 9.6-9.8;
  11. Run the self-test for module 10 and see if there are any areas that need review;
  12. Listen to the remaining exam review audio lectures (starting with lecture #4);
  13. Run all of the past and practice exams, and review trouble spots.

I wonder if J will allow me to study today. He got up early this morning. But he's konked out in my arms now, and I will put him back to bed and try to get on with it.

Actually, I no longer feel like studying. I am suddenly deeply disappointed and irritable. But I have to study. Hopefully, my mood will improve and I'll be able to get on with it.


Draya's Mom said...

You were all missed on Tuesday!!
It was lots of fun.
Ah, the pulling himself up to standing milestone. It's a lot of fun! Take a look around your house and put away anything that will tip over easily (if you haven't already). Soon he will be climbing on EVERYTHING.
Is J clapping yet? Every once in a while Draya will decide to run through her "routine". Wave (not necessarily at anyone in particular) and then clap, with a point occasionally thrown in for good measure.

Trish said...

No, he doesn't clap yet. He waves and points, though. And occasionally, he'll give the "high-five", which is pretty cute. I can't wait 'til he starts clapping! Every new thing is so much fun.

I'm sorry we missed Tuesday. I really wish we could have gone.

Trish said...

Done: 2 and 9

Listened to: lecture #4

Past and practice exams: 11 more to run, plus question 5 of June 2002.