Sunday, March 19, 2006

J has decided

J has decided that everyone sleeps better with a soother. You need one for your peace of mind, apparently. Yesterday, I was attempting to cuddle J to sleep in our bed, but I fell asleep instead. I awoke to find J trying to shove his soother into my mouth. Most generous of J to make such a sacrifice on my behalf, but ... yuck!

Last night, J decided that he would sleep by himself in his crib again. I was thrilled! I hope it lasts.

J is a morning person. He awakes happy and playful, then gets increasingly crabby as the day progresses. He has decided that he does not need as many naps as he once did, and is currently rejecting the concept of an afternoon sleep. (Much to my chagrin; I love naps.) But this does mean he goes to bed earlier at night and sleeps through. It's a fair trade-off, I suppose.

Plans are in the works for J's first birthday party. It will be on Saturday, April 8. Details to follow ...

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