Thursday, September 01, 2005

J has found his feet

He discovered them around bedtime last night. He can't quite manage to grab one, but he is trying valiantly. If I can manage to get a picture of his attempts, I will post it later. He is being quite cute.

He has also mastered the art of the raspberry. He does that an awful lot, and it seems it has become a primary means of communication. I'm not sure what he thinks it means, but it is cute when he does it.

In any event, apparently his feet are much more entertaining and important than sleep. J did not sleep well last night. At all. And he woke up really early this morning. And he's still up. Hence, I too am functioning on very little sleep. And yesterday's migraine? Still there.

My friend HD is up from the States for a visit. She and J's Memaw are coming for a visit around 11:00 today. I must manage to get myself, J and the house all cleaned up for their visit. If I can just get J to stay calmly in his crib, I can get started. Hopefully, this will happen very shortly.

I hope to do more thank-you cards this week (at last count, I had roughly 35 still to do). And I also hope to start my coursework. I am working on Financial Accounting II this semester, and still wanting to write my CORES Level II challenge exam as well. But we shall see.



Dottie P. said...

You and Kerri should get together and have a "Thank-you-card-writing" tea party (I'm sure writing t-you cards was on her list of things to do...). Combine business with pleasure, oui?

Dottie said...

P.S. Tell Jared I said "Phhhhhhhhhblt".

Nezbitt said...

A while ago there was a KFC commercial where a cute little baby is sucking on his hands, and the caption is "future KFC customer." It cuts to shots of the food and blabs about the deal du jour. Then it cuts back to the baby and he's heading for his toes. It's really funny and terribly cute.

That's what I think of when I picture Jared going for his feet.

Hee hee.