Sunday, September 11, 2005

Study woes et al

H took J out on the town today so I could get some extra studying done.

I have now (finally) completed all of the required readings for the first module of my course. I need to complete the self-test (it's looooong) in order to feel secure in my knowledge of Module 1. I've briefly started to review the "Summary" section of my on-line course, but it looks more like study material to prepare for the final exam, so I'll work on reviewing that repeatedly at various points in order to study for the exam.

For now, I need to complete the Module 1 self-test and start Module 2. I hope to have that one completed by next weekend, so that I can write the quiz that goes with it on either Saturday or Sunday. There's a timeline for completing each quiz, and I must make certain I get them done and submitted in the window, or I will fail the course.

Now, I wonder if I should run the self-tests after completing each module, or if it would be best to do them as part of my exam prep. My instincts are saying to do them at the end of each module, though, so that's what I had best do. Maybe later this afternoon and/or into the evening, I'll work on the Module 1 self-test. So much to do, and no time. But it will all be worth it in the end. (Better be!)

On a more positive note, H, J and I are going out to meet my dear old friend, PW, for dinner tonight. I haven't seen PW in a very long time, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him. I wish his whole family were in town, but they are not. Hopefully at some point we will get out to see them.

H and J are back home now. J is sleeping peacefully in his carseat, and I'm just taking a breather from studying. I need to break from time to time, or my brain completely numbs and I absorb nothing.

We managed to get our hands on a roof rack for the car from Freecycle! Man, I love that group. We need to arrange to pick it up this week. I look forward to getting it.

Still no word on funeral arrangements for my friends' little boy. I take this to mean that they would prefer to have family only attend the funeral. Still hurting for them, but taking things as they come. I don't have a great deal of time to stop and/or think about things. This is probably a good thing right about now.

On a less self-centered vent, I can't believe it has only been four years since the 9-11 tragedy. It seems so long ago, but it was not. So much has happened in the world since then. Things have been too eventful. I am certain that it wasn't always like this. What happened to my world?

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