Monday, September 19, 2005

J Sleeps

Peaceful. Calm. His little hands tucked below his head, on his back in his crib, he is happy and contented. He wears his little blue sleeper with the elephant embroidered in the corner. It is one of his cutest sleepers, but it will soon be too small for him. His little tummy moves rhythmically in response to his breath. He smiles in his sleep as I sing to him: "I'll Love You Forever", our usual lullaby, and so far his favorite. But he is so sleepy and he does not wake, though I can tell from his smile that he can hear me and it makes him happy. I kiss him goodnight. He smells like baby shampoo. And I remind him of how much I love him.

I didn't know that one heart could hold so much love.

For those who wait, patiently or otherwise: I know that I have been promising pictures. The camera batteries are low. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I will try to find a moment to remedy this situation and upload some pictures. We have some cute ones on the camera. Check back later in the week, and they should be here.

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theatre_mommy said...

They are precious when they sleep aren't they!
Looking forward to more photos. I too must do a major camera download in the near future. I've discovered weblogimages so I'll be able to put cute baby photos on my blog too.