Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh nooooooo!

Little J is quite sick. He had a super-fussy night, waking about every hour or two. I started cuddling him back to sleep and such. We usually prefer to let him "self-soothe" whenever possible, but I figured it was a good time to make an exception. He was obviously not feeling well at all. This morning, he was still fussing. I went to pick him up and give him more cuddles. He started coughing; then he gagged and threw up. Violently. And repeatedly. Not "spit-up" either, but "throw-up".

It scared me. I thought he was going to choke.

Maybe it's part of his cold or part of the teething, or maybe he has some kind of tummy bug. But whatever is causing it, I sure hope it is short-lived.

He will be getting lots of cuddles today. My homework will wait.

In the meantime, two fun memories from yesterday:

#1: J was on a blanket on the floor playing with a baby gym. He started to sound upset. We looked over and saw that he had pulled the blanket over his head. He could see nothing, and he just lay there, flailing his little arms in the air and making angry noises. We uncovered his face and he was all better. But it didn't stop him from doing it again. And again. And ...

#2: H suggested that J could be a bat for Halloween this year. And that we could just put him in a baby's bat costume and hang him from the ceiling in his jolly jumper to frighten people as they come to the door. This image amused me very much, but I had to add that it would be essential to put an orange A&W sweater on top of his bat outfit! (As an aside, J's "actual" costume will not be the A&W Root Bat. But it will be cute! Thanks, Holly.)


theatre_mommy said...

Sick little baby NOT good. If he spikes a fever take him in to the hospital.

Trish said...

I know. I'm watching. So far though, he just feels warm to me; the thermometer says he's within normal.

Trish said...

He still can't keep his milk down. My poor little guy!

Holly said...

Although the image of a tiny bat, also wearing an A&W sweater is quite cute, J's actual costume was put into the mail this week, so it should be getting to you soon!

You'll have to post a picture.

One the bat topic, funnily enough, Evan wanted to be a bat for Halloween last year, and I had to convince him to be Batman instead, since I couldn't find a bat costume anywhere!

Hope everyone is feeling better now.