Sunday, September 18, 2005

What a grouch!

I haven't managed to get anything done on my studies today. I got my hair cut. Short. Which I've been dying to do for months. Haven't managed to get a haircut in months!

Otherwise, it's been quite the unproductive day. J has been grumpy. He has cried, screamed, and even projectile vomitted. H has tried to keep J occupied so I could study, but J's violently loud screams could be heard in the office and no amount of closed doors could stop them. So H mowed the lawn while I kept the screaming baby occupied, and then H took over so I could do the laundry and try to study a wee bit while J screamed in the background, completely unmoved by our pleas and attempts to humor him. He slept briefly, then awoke suddenly and unexpectedly with a loud screaming fit. (H has managed to miss that delightful little habit in the past, and was quite alarmed by it.)

H and I are both exhausted. I can no longer keep anything in my head, so have stopped trying to study for the time being.

I theorize that little J is teething again. I see no teeth in his mouth so far, but I've been told that they hurt like the dickens when they're coming in. It's the only thing we can come up with to explain J's mood today. So we gave him some Tylenol to try to help him out. It took awhile to kick in, but he is sleeping peacefully in my arms now. I must go and put him in his crib. I hope not to wake him. I may just let him sleep in his overalls tonight, rather than changing him into his pj's. Anything to keep him happy at this point.

Poor, sweet little tyke!

On a completely different note: H was working on a crossword puzzle last night. He asked me if I knew what the plural for "solo" is. This struck me as a most ironic inquiry, as "solo", by definition, is singular.

(In truth, I know the plural form is "solos", and apparently it can also be "soli", but when someone turns to you and says, "What's the plural for 'solo'?", it sounds weird!)

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