Monday, September 26, 2005

New Pics on Site

Well, I have finally changed the batteries in my camera. It still had enough juice to take pictures, but there wasn't enough power there to upload the shots. And I am pleased to report that this problem is fixed.

So there are some new pics on the site now. Over on the right, under the "Photos" tab, you will find them all. "Boys With Babes", "Feet!", "Highchair" (and everything after that) are all new pics that were added tonight. I hope everyone enjoys them.

I am putting these last ones up now. They were taken a couple of nights ago, on the 24th. J was given these jammies as a gift, and we decided he should start wearing them now. We will have to lend them to L&M once J outgrows them, but we will want them back afterwards, of course. They are special jammies, and we will probably find some sort of doll to put them on so that we can keep them permanently. (There are certain clothes you just don't want to part with, you know?)

Now, H & J are starting to feel better, but I am still really quite sick. I'm off to bed now, and am really hoping for a good sleep. Hopefully this will ease up soon and I'll be able to get more stuff accomplished. It's a pretty nasty bug, though, so we will have to see.

1 comment:

Nezbitt said...

Lending these particular jammies to L&M may result in L wanting to keep them and/or wanting a set in his size.
You have been warned.
The man is obsessed!