Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Music to diaper by

J refuses to nap anywhere but in my arms today. Since there are very few activities I can accomplish one-handed, and there is only so much TV a person can watch at a time, I find myself back on my computer. Again. But H will be home soon, and maybe J would like to snuggle with Daddy for a bit too. Ergo, perhaps I'll be productive tonight. One can only hope.

Now, today I registered J in swim classes (he'll be able to play with his little friend Draya, since they are both registered in the same class. YAY!) And I booked his 6 month check-up and paid some bills. And we went for a brief walk too. (Didn't go far, as I am still sick, but I really wanted out of the house for a few moments. At least I'm on the mend now and will hopefully be all better very soon.) I also got through a short section of my course module and the remainder of a demonstration problem in a (very brief) period when J was feeling more independent. Still not sure I'm getting the hang of it, but I'm trying and I'm sure I will understand it for the exam. My flash card pile is growing at an alarming rate and is starting to frighten me! So my day was not completely wasted, but I need a lot more time with both hands free so I can do things like laundry and the rest of my homework. Can't wait for J's daddy to come home. (Sound of me humming merrily in anticipation.)

As already established, H regularly sings to J. He's been performing this delightful little number for quite some time now, and I can't believe I've not blogged it already! It was borne of a late-night diaper change when H was particularly exhausted. (Remember here that we frequently refer to J as "Bubby".)

To the tune of "Hello My Baby":

Hello my baby,
Hello my Bubby,
Hello my stinky boy.
You make your bum go poo;
What is a daddy to dooo-ooo?
When you are stinky
You get all blinky
And then you start to cry.
But daddy
Will keep you warm and dry-y.

That is all. For now.

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Holly said...

This poopy songwriting skill must run in the family. Here is mine. You may remember this from your visits - sung to "Let's Twist Again"...

Oh yes, you pooped again!
Like you did all summer
Oh yes, you pooped again!
Poopy diaper dear
Well, I remember when
There were no poopy diapers
But then you pooped again
Diaper time is here

Oh well it's stinky,
it's smelly,
it's dirty,
it's sticky
and grooooosss!
And when you're gonna stop,
Nobody knooooooows!

Oh yes, you pooped again!
My little baby, you pooped again!
Oh yes, you pooped again!
Diaper time is heeeerrrrre!
(pooped again!!)

Repeat as needed, at first sign of pooping!