Saturday, September 10, 2005

Grabby little thing

J slept better last night. Not great, but better. He is in tolerably good spirits this morning. Wanting loving and snuggles, but that is certainly no sacrifice. We love holding him! I hope I will still be able to get some studying in, though. I can manage a bit if he naps in the Snugli, though his napping independently is better. I have a great deal of reading to get through today. H will provide some assistance later today. C&L are coming back into town this morning and H is going to pick them up from the airport, but after he gets back I should be able to get a fair bit of my reading done. Hope so anyway.

J loves being smiled at, read to, and sung lullabies. Anything where he has our utmost attention makes J pretty happy. He is enjoying all of his toys and baby equipment now in small doses; even his swing, which he wasn't pleased with initially, has now become a wonderful toy. But even though he's not quite as high maintenance as he once was, he's still a real handful!

While H was holding J this morning, J got all grabby and ripped off H's glasses. J then stuffed them in his mouth. Fortunately, baby slobber is easy to clean up! But I guess we have reached the "everything must go in my mouth" stage of J's development now. He chews all of his toys, his stuffed animals, his jolly jumper straps ... even his peepee teepees if we're not quick enough. (Yuck!) He has gotten really good at grabbing stuff now. And he periodically cries for reasons no one can understand.

Ah, to be a baby.

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