Wednesday, September 28, 2005



J decided that he would only nap while being held in my arms.

H decided to go out with a friend in the evening and leave me alone with J.

I decided to forego my studies so that I could care for J properly, hoping instead to catch up tonight.

J decided that he would not fall asleep until 2:00 a.m. and would wake for today at 5:00 a.m., leaving H and I to function on very little sleep.

The result of all of this? My stupid cold virus decided to return today in full force, and I feel terrible.

We have a student nurse dropping by in a few hours with some info for us. I am hoping that J will nap independently today ... either before she arrives or after she leaves. I need to sleep to get this bug out of my system. It's nasty, and I can't even take anything for it. I can't nap tonight ... H agreed (as part of the deal by which he went out last night) that he would care for J all by himself tonight so I could study. I have to take advantage of that opportunity; the last couple of chapters in this module are really long and involved, and I have to get through them and prepare to write my next quiz.

J seems most unhappy. It appears he has something to add here:

nnnnnnnnn z ..//////////////////// ,m w w awazmmmm

Okay, J is not permitted to type any longer on this message. He is apparently mad at the computer, and he just picked up the keyboard tray and tried to throw it on the floor. It angered him somehow, and I am sure it deserved it, but damaging computer equipment is counterproductive, so no.

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va1kyrie said...

Yikes! :-)

If I was sick and P suggested that he go out with a friend while I stayed home with the kids, he would get an earful :-)

H, you are normally one of the sweetest guys I know, but T is not going to get healthy if she doesn't get to rest. Taking care of J is not resting, and studying is not resting.

Well that's my 2 cents :-) feel free to delete me if I am out of line :-)