Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I'm taking a course. Taking a course and looking after a baby. Taking a course, caring for a house, and looking after a baby. Taking a course, ...

I'm busy; swamped. Trying to do well in my program of study, but plagued by various interruptions. I am thankful I have H to help me. I don't know how single parents manage.

Exhausted. Hard to concentrate. Frequent breaks are essential. This makes things difficult, when I am trying to study as much as possible when J is asleep. Breaks seem like a luxury I can't afford. But I must take them, or my mind fuzzes over and I stop absorbing anything I read. I am hoping that my time management skills will improve. I had this down to a science at one point in time, but J has thrown me way off-kilter. (Totally worth it, btw!)

J is sleeping. I am wrapping up for the night and will be heading off to the land of nod shortly. I hope for pleasant sleep tonight and more coursework tomorrow. Must be productive in spite of myself. Obviously failed to upload more pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow...we'll see. (H says J looks like a bat in the "flying baby" close-up from yesterday's post! Just the way his hands are.)

On a completely different note, J has decided that baths aren't so bad after all. He still doesn't especially like them, but he doesn't start crying until near the end now. I am hoping that we will get him enjoying his bath time shortly. It is fun to bathe the little guy, and I want him to have fun with it too!

Tomorrow at new mom's network: infant massage.

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