Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No way

62 pages worth of handouts. For the 6 audio lectures. Plus slides that can be printed out to accompany said lectures. For just the first module of this course. There are a total of 10 modules.

I have to do studying in the wee small hours to get enough in. It is difficult to study with J.

I have not listened to any of the audio lectures. My experience with the first course was that I ran short on time for that, so I barely touched on those. I would like to do it, but it is difficult to stay awake listening to the invisible lecturer droning on my computer.

We'll see. At least I have completed the first module and am almost halfway through the second now. Soon, I will write my first quiz in this course. I hope it isn't horrible.

I don't think I'm quite grasping this course just yet. I really hope it comes. It's a tough course. Its predecessor was a really hard course as well, so this is not surprising. But I feel mentally ill-equipped.


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Dottie P. said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of dead tree for one module.

I myself have never been able to learn effectively just by listening to someone talk. You have my sympathies there.