Friday, September 23, 2005

Little J has a cold

Poor little J! He's teething, so he's miserable already. And today, he had a really runny nose. He's currently all stuffed up and a teeny bit feverish, and he's periodically letting out an alarming sounding cough. He desperately wants to be held and cuddled, and I think that's fair. So I thought I'd spend some time on the computer while I hold my grumpy, irritable, sick and drooly little J.

He's had his saline drops. His nose has been aspirated. He's had some Tylenol. He's been fed and changed. If he will nod off in my arms, I will go to bed. But for now, he does not wish to nod off. He is showing no signs of sleepiness.

He is terribly wide awake, actually. He plays with his soother, convinced that the long plastic nipple must be some sort of handle. He fails to understand why he cannot get chewing satisfaction from the other end. Angrily, he throws it on the floor and chews on his burp cloth instead. He drools and blows raspberries. He stares at the computer screen, waiting for Nemo to magically appear (I assume). He snorts and snuffles as he kicks his little chubby feet into the air and squirms in my arms. He seems less than content with being held, but if I put him down he cries. He feels really warm to me.

I sure hope my little guy feels better soon.

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theatre_mommy said...

Ah yes, we had screaming teething here tonight too (actually while we were at my parent's place). Poor little peanuts!