Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 Months Old Today

J is 5 months old. It is official.

Today, we went to the new moms network and learned all about infant massage. J was quite taken with it, and it was fun to give baby-kins a massage. He seemed to enjoy it hugely, and it relaxed him for naptime. He is sleeping against me in his Snugli just now. I think he had some bad dreams earlier; he awoke with quite a start and just started screaming. Seems all better now.

I am reflecting on how much my little boy has changed since he was born. I thought a "Then and Now" moment might be in order. So here we go:

J at birth:

J at one month old:

J at two months old:

J at three months old:

J at four months old:

J at five months old:

As a point of reference, here is J in mid-May, wearing the same outfit he is wearing at five months old:

How do they get so big so soon? I just can't believe how much he has grown and changed already.


Anonymous said...

today, the car seat
tomorrow, the WORLD!!!!

Dottie P. said...

I like the photo of him at two months. He looks all fuzzy and snuggly and cute.

Also: I like the four-months-old photo--he looks so happy!

Trish said...

The four-months-old photo is probably my favorite of this batch also. I just love that happy smile and the sparkle in his big, bright eyes!