Saturday, September 24, 2005

Darned drug pushers!

I was driving down one of our main streets earlier, and a sorry state of affairs it was.

Why do city planners insist on doing lines of coke that make them want to put curves into previously straight roads? Why can't their pushers supply them with coke that makes them want to build straight roads? I don't understand it. Aren't the lines of coke straight??

On that same vein, I heard today that the city is planning on widening two of our major thoroughfares for a substantial distance. Could be problematic; they'll have to bulldoze a bunch of businesses and houses in order to make it all "curvey-like".

I wonder if the curves are designed specifically to take our illustrious planners past the late-night drive-thrus once their drug habits have given them the munchies. Hmmm...

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