Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random observations from my day

A digital phone doesn't work once the technician disconnects the modem temporarily. Always check your messages once he leaves. (Va1kyrie, sorry I didn't call you back. I just now checked the messages. Oops.)

Shaw has wonderful customer service and likes to keep people happy.

Not all babies fuss and cry like J, but not all babies sleep as well or self-soothe as easily as J either. Count your blessings.

Toddlers are rambunctious and obsessed with gardening tools.

No matter how many religious icons you put in your front yard, you will not keep evil spirits away. You will, however, give passersby something to laugh openly at. And I suspect you will also lower your property values. DON'T DO THIS!

Water is exceedingly important. Especially when breastfeeding. Always stay hydrated.

For future reference, "equine" means "horse". You do not need to put both things on one sign; just the one is self-explanatory.

Leftover chicken keeps much better in the fridge than it does in the oven.

A vomitting baby wants cuddles; under no circumstances does he want you to push him away into your sight lines so you can wipe the vomit from his mouth.

Grandparents are cool with receiving 60 pictures of their grandchildren in one e-mail; they don't much care, as long as they get the pictures.

Apparently, "fries" and "Coke" sound remarkably similar.

I can function with a migraine. And I can type one-handed, as long as I don't care how quickly I type.

A "Dirty Harry" marathon can be a good thing. The same cannot be said of a "History of Hitler" marathon.

New Orleans is sinking man and I don't want to swim.


va1kyrie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with that song stuck in my head.

Nezbitt said...

You mind is a wondrous place...

I think I like it here.

theatre_mommy said...

Damn, now that song is in my head too! Kinda morbid now usn't it though.
I too am getting good at typing one handed.