Thursday, September 15, 2005


J plays happily in his exersaucer. I finally got it all cleaned up and ready for his use. I put him in it, and piled all of his toys on the ledge around him. He gave me his first full-out laugh, when I added "Monkey" to the pile! H was home this morning, so he got to hear it and everything. It was very sweet.

As J played in his exersaucer, "Little Bear" showed in the background on Treehouse. When it was done, a little sketch-type thing played as a filler between shows. Four men in what appeared to be Star Trek outfits danced jubilantly behind a large (and eerily creepy) octopus. I was relieved that H thought the same as me, and we both expressed it at the same time.

"That octopus is gonna shoot the guy in the red shirt, isn't he?" we said.

In any event, here is a picture of J in his exersaucer. Sweet, isn't he?


va1kyrie said...

Those are The Wiggles! When J is a little bigger you will get to know them all too well. LOL

va1kyrie said...

Oh, and I saw the exact same segment of The Wiggles that you saw (Izzy is watching extra TV because she is sick), so I could picture it in my head when I read your comments, which added to my hilarity.

Trish said...

We were relieved the guy in the red shirt was allowed to live. The Wiggles must not be from the original Star Trek.

Dottie P. said...

Now you know why I wear black so much, because if you wear a red shirt, you may as well have "Expendable" written across your back. Hee.