Monday, September 12, 2005

J's nemesis

J has decided that the computer is his enemy. And the phone. And my textbook. Really, anything that takes my attention from him is pure evil today, as far as J is concerned. He does not wish to nap in his crib; he wants to be snuggled for naps today. And he does not want me reading, working, or talking to anyone but him while he enjoys his snuggles, napping or otherwise.

So I haven't gotten much done today. And I must confess, I have enjoyed my day tremendously. J is lots of fun to hold and cuddle. I love him so very much! But I do have homework, so can't afford too many days like this one. H will take over this evening, and I'll get some work done.

Tonight, we are getting J the matching hat for his very cool aviator jacket! He should be able to wear his jacket in another month or so; it is really big for him just now. It will still be big on him in a month, but that just means he'll get to wear it for longer. Always best to get more wear out of clothes, I say.

My friends' little boy was laid to rest today. Yet another reason to hold J as much as possible. I feel so sad for my friends, and also very, very lucky to have our little J here with us and healthy. It is a sad, cold, rainy, icky day. And here am I, so blessed.

I am feeling fortunate today. And really, when I stop to consider the grand scheme of things, I have no business to feel otherwise.

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